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AI-powered solutions that provide Remote Patient Monitoring & Chronic Care Management.

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What if you could monitor your patients at home, to know how they’re doing at all times?

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Self-Aware Home Care

care.ai™ powers the Self-Aware Home for better and safer home care

We are focused on using our AI platform to protect patients at home, allowing them to age in place with dignity while making the jobs of care team more productive and fulfilling.


Like Having a Digital

Care Team Member at Home

With Self-Aware Home Care™, patients have a round-the-clock digital care team member to monitor activity levels, vital signs, medication compliance, elopement risk, and other critical home care processes.


Predict Problems

Before They Occur

The Ambient Intelligent Monitoring Hub, coupled with M2 Sensors and the largest behavioral dataset for healthcare, enables non-stop monitoring and protection of home care patients. Predict problems before they arise, so care teams can respond right away, virtually or in-person.



Real-Time Inference Alerts

Unlike a human sitter who can’t always be present, the care.ai IDA platform is always-on and tirelessly monitoring patients, to summon help whenever RTI alerts (Real Time Inference) suggest response is required.


H1 Home Hub

care.ai™ Edge Sensors are built with enterprise-class technology designed for scalability. They shift data analysis from the Cloud to the Edge, enabliing real-time response, reliable operation, enhanced security, and lower operating costs.

H1 Sensor Capabilities

Health Records

The H1 Home Hub provides a simple, easy-to-use interface, enabling patients to view and adopt digital records and surveys.

Virtual Visits

The H1 gives patients a dedicated, secure and easy-to-use means of connecting with their care team, without having to provide their own device. Patients can request a Virtual Visit, or one can be set up automatically when IDA detects help is needed.

Medication Reminders

The H1 provides medication reminders for patients, and checks for compliance, either by monitoring patient behavior or via an FDA-approved dispensing device.


The IDA Platform monitors patient vital signs at a distance, using devices such as Doppler Radar and temperature sensors. Additionally, the H1 Hub supports integration of a variety of FDA-approved medical sensors.

Secure Messaging

The H1 Hub features an easy-to-use ‘single-pane-of-glass’ interface. Patients can access secure messages from their care team that might otherwise be missed if sent via text or email.

Live Monitoring

The always-on care.ai platform tirelessly monitors patients at home while at the same time providing dignity, respect, and privacy to those it protects.


IDA Provider

RPM-CCM Command

Now care teams can access a single Command Center view for both Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management. Users can monitor activity for all actively-managed Home Care sites. When an alert notification is received, providers can repond in-person or set up a Virtual Visit with the patient.