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The worlds first and most advanced AI care team member.
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What if you could know what’s happening inside your facility this very minute
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The transformational AI technology your institution has been waiting for.

IDA is our Intelligent Data Acquisition Platform, an AI-powered digital care team member whose sole purpose is to constantly monitor conditions inside your care environment. It’s like having a human care team member at every entrance, and a sitter in every room, and IDA is continually learning and storing only the most relevant data. With the world’s largest behavioral data set for healthcare, IDA can predict problems before they occur, look for trends that might impact quality and send alerts once detected.


Why deploy in your institution?

The IDA Platform transforms your care environment by providing real-time inferences and alerts to your care providers. IDA continually monitors patients and processes in your facility, identifying problems before they occur.

Why do you want to work in a powered facility?

As a care provider, you now have a tireless digital care team member who continually monitors patients and processes so that you are able to make better and more timely clinical decisions, to replace countless hours of menial tasks better suited to AI and machine learning.

Why do you want to be a patient inside a Self-Aware Room™?

If you or a loved one is in the hospital, you want the confidence of knowing that a digital care team member is monitoring conditions inside the room:

  • Who’s coming into the room? Are they supposed to be there?
  • Is good hand hygiene and PPE use being practiced by everyone coming in to the room?
  • Were meals delivered on time?
  • Was rounding performed on schedule?
  • Is there a potential fall risk (e.g. trying to get out of bed)?

IDA Platform


Leading Autonomous Monitoring for Healthcare

We believe that AI and breakthrough sensor technology has made it possible for healthcare providers to gather data in very intentional and intelligent ways never before possible.

Most AI solutions seek to derive value by analyzing existing stores of clinical data. This ‘Dark Data’ is no longer tied to an active care environment and has limited relevance to current conditions at your facility.

The IDA Platform CONTINUALLY collects new data, through its neural network of intelligent sensors. This ‘Smart Data’ provides real-time inferences into conditions at your facility, enabling continuous review & improvement of care processes and health outcomes.

IDA Command Center

Your care organization without walls.


IDA Command Centers provide a unified view into rings of security and protection across your organization, including Infection Prevention (IPC) or Facility Monitoring (FMC). As you add sensors to the IDA Platform, you can extend this intelligence to additional areas, such as the Patient Safety Command Center (PSC) and Home Health Care (HMC).


Now you can know what is happening inside all your care environments at all times.

IDA Mobile

Get real-time insights into risk factors for each of your patients, whether at home or in the patient suite.

IDA Mobile runs on your care team’s own smart devices, enabling them to receive immediate notifications when problems arise. For example:

  • The patient in Rm-201 is attempting to get out of bed and is at risk of a fall.
  • The patient in Rm-304 has not been repositioned and is at risk of developing pressure ulcers.
  • Housekeeping has not properly sanitized Rm-503.
  • The visitor in Rm-207 did not visit the hand hygiene station in the hall or the room.
  • Rounding on the 4th floor has not begun when scheduled.
  • A home care patient is non compliant with prescribed treatment plan.

These RTI alerts help improve both processes and patient outcomes in real-time, enabling easy documentation for episodes of care.