Infection Prevention & Control

Autonomously Screen and Maintain Real-Time Census of Everyone in your Facility.

Safeguard your care environment while autonomously maintaining adherence to established IPC protocols and integrating with existing systems to create a real-time census of patients, providers, families, staff and vendors in your facilities.

AI Command Center Real-Time Census

AI Command Center Real-Time Census
The Command Center unifies entry and exit data for real-time visibility of everyone in the Smart Care Facility and automated IPC attestation and thermal screening results.
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Automated IPC Screening Left Arrow

The system identifies and verifies employees through ID Badges, barcodes, or QR Codes, simultaneously capturing attestation and skin temperature.

Streamlined Visitor ManagementLeft Arrow

Enable visitors to complete the check-in process in under a minute, on-site or prior to arrival, using their smart phone.

Employee Clock-In & Clock-outLeft Arrow

Seamless integration with scheduling and HR systems, provides real-time clock-in and clock-out functionality, making shift changes more efficient and ensuring smoother continuity of care.

Real-Time Facility IPC Status

Real-Time Facility IPC Status
By combining sensor data from around your Smart Care Facility, the Command Center can display heat maps for potential IPC exposure risk.
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Reduce Entry Screening CostLeft Arrow

By automating enterprise-wide entry screening with, you can quickly realize cost savings by re-tasking dedicated staff from entry screening to more valuable clinical work.

Automatically Generate Compliance ReportsLeft Arrow

The Command Center provides access to on-demand IPC process adherence reports ensuring both internal compliance and satisfying external auditors.

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