Real-Time Decision Support

Ambient Intelligence and AI Provide Clinicians with Real-Time Data and Automated Workflow Tracking to Help Make Better Informed Decisions. provides integrated ambient data, workflow, and real-time analytics that make it easier to make better informed decisions in the moments that matter along the patient journey.

Care Team Real-Time Decision Support Improves Performance

Care Team Real-Time Decision Support Improves Performance
Real-time data supports real-time decision making for Smart Care Teams, unlocking information that would otherwise be trapped in the EMR or other manual system.

Personalized Actionable InsightsLeft Arrow

Offering real-time actionable insights, the platform enhances clinical decisions, ensuring that interventions are timely and tailored to the individual patient’s needs

Dynamic Adapatation to Current ConditionsLeft Arrow

Adapting to dynamic conditions, the platform supports the creation of personalized care strategies, leading to improved patient outcomes and efficient facility management.

Predicting Patients Trends Proactive Preventitive MeasuresLeft Arrow

Leveraging advanced analytics, helps in predicting patient trends and potential future challenges, allowing facilities to proactively implement preventative measures and allocate resources where they’re most needed.

Care Managers Real-Time Facility View

Care Managers Real-Time Facility View
By uniting Ambient Intelligent Monitoring and Virtual Care devices within a unified Smart Command Center, care managers can instantly see processes and progress for each patient journey.

AI-Assisted Decision SupportLeft Arrow

Continuous ambient monitoring and data connections allow the AI to infer, suggest, and support real-time decision-making for care managers, and mobilize clinical and operations personnel when indicated.

Autonomous Quality ImprovementLeft Arrow

AI-Assisted Command Center views monitor clinical and operational processes, improving workflows in real-time for improved patient experience and quality scores.

AI-Assisted - Unified ViewLeft Arrow

The AI Command Center provides a unified view of in-progress processes and patients in need of attention allowing care managers to coordinate virtual or bedside Smart Care Team members.

Enterprise Wide Multi-Facility Real-Time View

Enterprise Wide Multi-Facility Real-Time View
By analyzing trends and patterns across the entire health system, the command center can provide predictions on patient surges, resource demands, or potential bottlenecks, ensuring facilities are well-prepared and resources are optimally allocated.

Centralized MonitoringLeft Arrow

The command center aggregates data from various facilities, presenting a unified dashboard that allows health system leaders to monitor operations, patient flow, and resources across multiple sites simultaneously.

Interfacility CoordinationLeft Arrow

With a system-wide view, the command center can facilitate seamless coordination between facilities. If one hospital is reaching capacity patients can be directed or transferred to another facility with available resources.

Performance BenchmarkingLeft Arrow

By collecting and comparing data from multiple facilities, the command center can identify best practices, highlight areas for improvement, and offer insights into how each facility performs relative to the others, and the AI can automatically train continuous improvement and standardization.

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