IDA Mobile™ sensors convert ordinary rooms into Self-aware Rooms® so that care teams can be alerted on IDA Mobile before problems arise.

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What if you could prevent falls
before they happen?

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(Real Time Inferences)

Predict and protect patients and care teams.

Improving the quality of care used to mean combing through KPI's long after the original episode of care. The IDA Platform employs Real-Time Inferencing (RTI) to measure and report the quality of care as it is delivered.

Now your care team has a tireless digital care team member who continually monitors potential problems, protecting patients in the moments that matter. And the IDA Mobile RTI App keeps providers informed & aware, so they can focus on providing more timely moments of human care.



Predict trends before they happen.


Protect patients in the moments that matter most.


Prevent conditions that can lead to harm.


Empower care teams to deliver more human care.

Now your care team knows when potential risks arise before harm occurs. Your administrators and operators can monitor protocols and see in real time how IDA improves your teams adherence to established processes. becomes the eyes and ears and neural network helping every care team member perform at their best, with more time to be clinicians and less time overwhelmed with menial tasks.

powering more
human care

Mobile RTI Inference Engine



IDA Mobile

Get real time intelligence about risk factors in each patient’s room.

IDA Mobile runs on your care teams smart devices. They now receive immediate notifications if certain problems or conditions arise.



Fall Prevention Alerts

The patient in Rm-201 is attempting to get out of bed and is at risk of a fall.


Pressure Ulcer Alerts

The patient in Rm-304 has not been repositioned and is at risk of developing pressure ulcers.


Housekeeping Sanitization Alerts

Housekeeping has not properly sanitized Rm-503.


Visitor Hand Hygiene Alerts

The visitor in Rm-207 did not visit the hand hygiene station in the hall or the room.


Rounding Adherence Alerts

Rounding on the 4th floor has not begun when scheduled. This is the 3rd deviation in 7 days.

These RTI alerts help improve both processes and patient outcomes in real-time, enabling easy documentation for episodes of care.