Self-Aware Room®
AI-powered solutions that provide virtual monitoring and access to specialists, both at home and in post-acute care settings.
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What if you could use AI to autonomously monitor activity in every patient suite, to improve quality of care and the patient experience?
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Powered by the world’s most advanced AI platform and the largest behavioral dataset for healthcare.
It’s like having an autonomous care-team member around the clock, in every room. transforms ordinary rooms into self-aware rooms by continuously monitoring the care environment for potential risks and notifies care-team members in real time before problems arise.

Edge Sensors’s autonomous monitoring devices are packed with accelerated hardware and an array of smart sensors, collecting invaluable data and insights to continually monitor for potential risks or process irregularities.

IDA Platform

The IDA (Intelligent Data Acquisition) platform collects “intelligent data” from multiple sensors and determines if there is elevated risk by continually referencing the world’s largest human behavioral dataset for Healthcare.

Virtual Sitting &

AI can now monitor a patients' wellbeing as a Virtual Sitter, and as sensors detect conditions that require attention, the IDA Platform can initiate a Virtual Visit or summon a care team member into the room.

IDA Mobile

The IDA Mobile App runs on your care team’s own smart devices. When the IDA Platform detects conditions that require intervention, team members receive alert notifications in real time.