Smart Patient Rooms

Improve quality and satisfaction through autonomous monitoring of activity in every patient suite.

Smart Patient Room
Ease the burden on care teams with an AI-powered solution that provides virtual monitoring around the clock, in every room. The Platform continuously monitors for potential risks and notifies care teams before problems arise.
Fall Prevention and Detection
  • Fall Prevention and DetectionDetects the earliest indicators of a potential bed exit, including restless or agitated behavior, and summons help as promptly as possible.
  • Pressure Injury PreventionContinually monitors a patient’s position in bed, with a user-defined threshold to define when rotation is needed.
  • Elopement PreventionMonitors activity throughout the facility and notifies staff if a patient moves toward an exit or past a defined boundary.
  • Protocol AdherenceEmploys real-time feedback to automatically notify care teams when protocols are not within expected norms.

Monitor and Manage At All Times Edge Sensors continuously monitor conditions in each room, collecting valuable data and insights to determine elevated risks or process irregularities. This intelligent data forms the world’s largest human behavioral dataset for healthcare to help predict problems before they escalate, generating alerts to drive immediate action.

Monitor and Manage At All Times<
Virtual Visits and Sitting

Virtual Visits and Sitting

The Platform monitors patient well-being as a Virtual Sitter, detecting conditions that require attention and alerting care teams via real-time notifications or Virtual Visits as appropriate.

More Efficient Virtual Rounding

With the H1 Bedside Monitoring Hub in every room, specialists, primary care teams, and nursing staff can virtually round safely and more effciently while being less disruptive to the patient’s privacy and rest.

More Efficient Virtual Rounding
Autonomous Monitoring Sensors

Autonomous Monitoring Sensors

The AMS-R2 unobtrusively monitors patient rooms, hallways and public spaces to predict problems before they escalate and send immediate notifications.