Smart Entry
The most broadly adopted AI-powered entry screening technology in the US.
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What if you could be sure that everyone who enters your facility has attested for COVID-19 symptoms and vaccination compliance?
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Use the power of AI to autonomously screen everyone who enters your facility for surface skin temperature, symptom attestation and vaccination history.

Protect your facility from infectious disease with contact-free entry screening and check-in. The™ solution screens every person who enters for skin temperatures that are out of normal range. It’s fast, easy and non-intrusive.

Autonomous Infection Prevention & Control

The Future of IPC is Autonomous

Creating Safe-Zones


For IPC and Vaccine Compliance

As a result of the COVID pandemic, best practices and new mandates require screening and tracking everyone in the care environment for symptoms, vaccination record, type and timing.



Infection Prevention Command Center


With™ Smart Entry screening stations deployed, administrators and care team leaders can know the current IPC status within their facility.


How many people have completed their daily symptom attestation?


Who has been vaccinated and who has not? Which vaccine was administered and how many doses?


What time did they arrive? Which areas of the facility were they in? Who did they interact with?

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