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Advances in medical science have soared, increasing life expectancy globally. As longevity increases, healthcare systems face the challenges of higher demand for services, dated technology and an overloaded workforce that needs a constant influx of highly trained professionals to meet the needs of patients. Automating burdensome tasks with artificial intelligence (AI) alleviates these challenges.

How It Works

Ambient Intelligent

Prevent infections and stop the spread with non-intrusive screening that lets you know the symptom and vaccine status of everyone who enters your facility, while helping achieve compliance with new mandates.

Smart Entry - AMS-T2

Autonomous Monitoring

The AMS-T2 is a powerful Smart Entry sensor that can safely screen employees, patients and visitors.

Guests and Employees complete mobile surveys and attestation forms before their arrival and then use a provided QR code for touchless check-in.

The T2 also checks temperatures and alerts staff if an individual’s results are outside of normal.


Autonomous Monitoring

The M2 is the IoMT device that powers Smart Patient Rooms, Smart Home Care and Smart Spaces. It unobtrusively monitors patients rooms, hallways and public spaces to predict problems before they can escalate, and alert care teams.


Autonomous Monitoring

The R2 is the IoMT device that powers Smart Patient Rooms, Smart Home Care and Smart Spaces.

As the platform learns behaviors, it predicts problems before they escalate and notifies care teams immediately through their own smart devices.


Ambient Intelligent Monitoring™ Hub

The AIM-H1 is a bedside hub and sensor that instantly connects a patient to a specialist, primary doctor or nurse, even if the provider isn’t in the building. This kind of on-demand virtual care allows care teams to do more, be more present and provide a better patient experience. The H1 can be deployed in the hospital, skilled nursing or assisted living facility, and even in a patient’s home to provide easier TOCs (Transitions of Care) for patients as they change care settings.

Ambient Smart Tags

Smart Devices for Screening Status

These Bluetooth-enabled devices are personalized to each employee, with color LEDs that indicate their current screening status. At the beginning of each work shift, the Smart Tag will glow RED, indicating that entry screening has not yet taken place. Once the employee visits a screening station, completes self-attestation, and has their skin temperature checked, the Smart Tag will glow BLUE, indicating that the employee is screened and ready for work.

Smart Facility Command Center

The Smart Facility Command Center provides a unified view into rings of security and protection across your organization, including Infection Prevention (IPC) and Facility Monitoring (FMC). As you add sensors to the Platform, you can extend this intelligence to additional areas, such as the Patient and Protocol Monitoring Command Center (PSC) and the Home Monitoring Command Center (HMC). Get real-time insights into risk factors for each of your patients, whether at home or in the patient suite. The Smart Facility Command Center can run on your care team’s own smart devices, enabling them to receive immediate notifications when problems arise. These RTI alerts help improve both processes and patient outcomes in real-time, enabling easy documentation for episodes of care.

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