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Our fundamental pursuit is to help healthcare move beyond legacy single-point solutions by building an Ambiently-Aware Artificial Intelligence Platform that is tirelessly committed to supporting care teams and patients every hour of every day.

Empower Your Smart Care Team™

The End of the EMR Keyboard Age

Clinicians spend time with patients, not data entry.

Smart Patient Rooms™ Always On. Always Aware.

Smart Patient Rooms™ Always on Always Aware Always-Aware Ambient Sensors™ make patient rooms “self-aware,” empowering physicians, nurses, and staff to be more proactive and prevent potential problems before they arise.
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Self-Aware Smart Care Spaces™ Left Arrow smart patient rooms, emergency rooms and operating rooms use a combination of sensors, automated systems, and artificial intelligence to create a more responsive and personalized healthcare environment.

AI-Assisted Virtual CareLeft Arrow sensors include high-resolution cameras and work with existing TV displays so that patients have more convenient access to their Smart Care Team both bed-side or virtual.

Generative AI Caring Co-pilotLeft Arrow integration with generative AI and the patient’s electronic health records helps ensure care is aligned with established workflows and protocols, providing care team members with insights, predictive analytics, and support.

Edge-to-Cloud Ambient Sensors Built to Scale ambient sensor arrays securely support patient well-being and provide real-time AI guidance while connecting all hospital departments to enable proactive support and communication.
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Easy IoT Installation Left Arrow

Ultra-secure and built with healthcare-grade materials, sensors are plug-and-play, work with existing network connections and TVs and are easy to deploy and provision.

Low Latency + Low Network LoadLeft Arrow’s Always-Aware Sensors combine local AI inferencing, virtual care support, and ambient monitoring on a powerful edge compute neural network, keeping local response times fast with low latency and low network load.

AI Federated LearningLeft Arrow sensors are always learning and always improving, securely sharing that learning from one sensor to the next. Many networked AI brains act together as one to serve and protect clinicians and patients.

AI-Assisted Command Center™ Connects & Protects

AI-Assisted Command Center™ Connects & Protects
We are building the definitive AI-Human spatial computing Smart-Care Environment, extending life and quality of life for the benefit of humankind.
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Real-Time Awareness Left Arrow

Instead of latent and often erroneous information trapped in the EHR, now Smart Care Teams have real-time awareness. The Command Center automatically suggests where attention and available resources should be applied.

Reduced Clinical Burden Left Arrow

Ambient Intelligence and AI help automate and virtualize administrative tasks, allowing more time for the bedside clinical team to work at the top of their licenses and provide more timely moments of compassionate care.

Autonomous ImprovementLeft Arrow

Ambient Sensors and AI monitor clinical and operational workflows and coordinate care teams to ensure continual process adherence and improvement, eliminating ineffective and costly recurrent training programs.

Smart from the Start Solutions™ AI-Powered Workflows for Every Care Setting

Support your clinical and operations teams with so they can do what they do best.

Deployed in 1000+ Facilities

Virtua Health
Ardent Health Services
Mayo Clinic
HCA Healthcare
Houston Methodist
Lifebridge Health Care Bravely
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Lifepoint Health
Synergy Health Solutions
University Hospital
signature Healthcare
Henry Ford Health
Northfield Hospital + Clinics
Ecu Health
Gundersen Health System
The OHIO State University
Bellin Health
Arkon Children Hosptial
Rewon Health
Augusta Health
Skyline Health
Nemours Children Health
mission Health
Medical City Dallas

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