Improve Patient & Provider Experience

By Automating and Virtualizing Burdensome Administrative Tasks with AI and Ambient Intelligence, Clinicians Spend More Time with Patients, Providing Compassionate Care.

Patients and clinicians report that they prefer the AI and Ambient assistance of Smart Patient Rooms as it facilitates more care moments and a higher-touch experience.

Quality Score Improvement

Quality Score Improvement
Free up your providers to focus on the emotional support and personalized care that only they can provide.

Restore Joy to Providing Care Left Arrow

By handling administrative and monitoring tasks, AI allows healthcare providers to rediscover the intrinsic satisfaction of their profession.

Retain Nursing Staff Support Top Clinical TalentLeft Arrow

By reducing repetitive tasks and elevating the quality of care, AI helps in creating a more satisfying work environment, attracting and retaining the best clinicians and nurses.

Virtualize Administration & Patient EducationLeft Arrow

AI-assisted virtual Smart Care Team members provide personalized patient education, ensuring they understand and adhere to discharge instructions.

Enhance Privacy & Dignity Monitor without Disturbance

Enhance Privacy & Dignity Monitor without Disturbance
Ambient sensors discreetly monitor patients, preserving their privacy and minimizing disruptions.

Unobtrusive Monitoring Always ThereLeft Arrow continuously monitors patient rooms for potential risks such as falls, elopement or pressure injuries. Nurses no longer need to disrupt patients’ privacy and sleep with in-room checks.

Virtual Rounding Reduces DisruptionLeft Arrow

Virtual nurses can now round virtually and be more timely in their process. A virtual knock alerts patients that the nurse will be joining them remotely.

Edge Processing Protects Patient PrivacyLeft Arrow sensors process data locally, so there is no transmission or recorded video elsewhere on the network. Only inferences are sent securely.

AI Quality Feedback Real-Time Improvement

AI Quality Feedback Real-Time Improvement
AI systems analyze feedback in real-time, constantly refining and improving patient care services and experiences.

Automatically Track & Trend Quality FeedbackLeft Arrow

AI automatically suggests opportunities for improvement and poll patients for feedback on their experience effecting, real-time improvement in care practices.

Automate Care Experience Process ImprovementLeft Arrow

In addition to tracking real-time quality performance, the platform also automates process improvements that can improve quality for both patients and providers.

Detect Signs of Distress or DiscomfortLeft Arrow

Sensors monitor patients and clilnicians for signs of stress, distress and disomfort and suggest appropriate interventions when detected.

Seamless Communication AI-Assisted Coordination

Seamless Communication AI-Assisted Coordination
Ambient Intelligence facilitates instant, hands-free communication between healthcare providers for uninterrupted patient care. AI ensures that all caregivers are working with the most current data.

Real-Time Alerts On Providers Smart DevicesLeft Arrow

Real-time awareness of conditions, patient status, in progress processes is always available on the care provider’s personal device.

AI-Assisted Smart Care Team CoordinationLeft Arrow

AI and Ambient intelligence coordinate Smart Care Teams like never before. The Smart Care Facility Platform directs human resources where they are needed most and provides the information they need.

Less Time in EMR More Time with PatientsLeft Arrow automatically collects real-time information so providers have voice access to the latest data when they need it, so there is less time doing data entry and more time providing care.

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