Smart Care Facility Platform

Improve clinician and patient experience, quality scores, and patient satisfaction through ambient intelligence and ai-assisted care in every patient’s suite.

At, our fundamental pursuit is to help healthcare move beyond legacy single-point solutions by building an Ambiently-Aware Artificial Intelligence Platform that is tirelessly committed to supporting care teams and patients every hour of every day.

AI-assisted workflows for every care setting.

Support your clinical and operations teams with so they can do what they do best.

Ambient Sensors power Smart Care Spaces

The more sensors you add to your care environment the more "self aware" your smart facility becomes

Smart Patient Rooms

Smart Patient Rooms

AI and Ambient Intelligent Sensors Always-On. Always-Aware. Always-Aware Ambient Sensors power Smart Patient Rooms by creating a self-aware spatial computing environment that supports the patient and clinician. They collect real-time data through unobtrusive means, and analyze data using advanced AI algorithms to coordinate care-teams as needed.

Smart Care Spaces

Smart Care Spaces

AI-Assisted Virtual Care Smart from The Start’s Ambient Intelligent Sensors include AI Assisted Virtual Care workflows. Now administrative tasks can be automated and virtualized with remote clinical and operations Smart Care Team members so bedside clinicians have more time to spend delivering compassionate care.

AI-assisted Command Center monitors your Smart Care Facility.

Command Center Desktop View

Command Center Desktop View

Command Center Mobile View

Command Center Mobile View
The Smart Facility Command Center provides a unified view of facility-wide processes across your organization. and can run on your care team’s own smart devices, enabling them to receive immediate notifications when problems arise.

Predictive Adverse Event Avoidance

Predictive Adverse Event Avoidance
Predict potential issues in the Smart Patient Room and optimize processes by sending alerts and reminders to Smart Care Teams, allowing for real-time intervention and process improvement.
Learn more aboutAlways Aware Ambient Sensors Right Arrow

Fall Prevention Left Arrow sensors can detect the earliest indicators of a potential bed exit, including restless or agitated behavior, and summon help as promptly as possible.

Pressure Injury Avoidance Left Arrow

The Smart Patient Room continually monitors a patient’s position in bed, so that the Smart Care Team can be alerted when rotation is needed.

Elopement PreventionLeft Arrow sensors monitor activity throughout the facility and notifies staff if a patient moves toward an exit or past a defined boundary.

Protocol AdherenceLeft Arrow sensors monitor adherence to prescribed workflows and the Smart Care Facility Platform sends reminders to automatically notify Smart Care Team members when protocols are not within expected norms.

AI-Assisted Virtual Care Streamline Clinical Burden

AI-Assisted Virtual Care Streamline Clinical Burden
AI Always Aware Ambient Sensors can help monitor protocol adherence by tracking and analyzing operations and clinical activities, ensuring that they comply with established standards.

Increase Opeational Efficiency Left Arrow

Sensors continuously collect and analyz clinical and operational processes, allowing for instant adjustments and optimizations that enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

AI-Assisted Virtual RoundingLeft Arrow

AI-assisted virtual rounding enables remote monitoring and assessment of patients, facilitating timely interventions, reducing physical visits, and allowing healthcare providers to manage multiple patients.

Automated Protocol AdherenceLeft Arrow

With the Smart Care Facility Platform, automated workflow training can be customized based on your organization’s needs with reminders and feedback designed to support and reinforce protocol adherence.

Streamline OperationsLeft Arrow automates and virtualizes administrative tasks for more efficient resource allocation, maximizing bedside clinician and patient time, for improved care delivery experiences, quality scores and cost savings.

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