Virtual Care

Allow care teams to do more, be more present and provide a better patient experience through the use of on-demand virtual care.

Virtual Care
Virtual care enables patients to receive healthcare in ways that provide more convenience and value. The Platform connects patients with care teams in a meaningful and impactful way, allowing for a positive continuum of care.
Predict, Prevent and Protect
  • Predict, Prevent and ProtectWith the largest machine learning behavioral dataset for healthcare, protects patients and predicts problems before they escalate.
  • Convenience for Care ProvidersAvoids time-intensive on-site visits for care providers by offering more efficient way of delivering care, while maintaining patient satisfaction.
  • Timely Access to CareCreates deeper relationships between care providers and patients, allowing for more timely interventions.
  • Real-Time IntelligenceAlerts care teams immediately if potential problems arise, directly to their own smart devices.

Smart Patient Room

Monitor and Manage Activity In Patient Rooms continuously monitors patient rooms for potential risks such as falls, elopement, or pressure injuries. AI tracks care team processes and rounding adherence, ensuring quality outcomes and patient peace of mind.

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Monitor and Manage Activity In Patient Rooms<
Virtual Care

Bedside Monitoring

More Efficient Virtual Rounding

With’s H1 Bedside Monitoring Hub, specialists, primary care teams, and nursing staff can virtually round more efficiently and be less disruptive to the patient’s privacy and rest.

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Real-Time Notifications If Problems Arise unobtrusively monitors patient behaviors and conditions that can lead to poor outcomes or safety risks. As the platform learns behaviors, it predicts problems before they escalate and notifies care teams immediately through their own smart devices.

 Real-Time Notifications If Problems Arise