Smart ED’s Smart Care Platform Transforms Routine Monitoring and Resource Allocation for Better Patient Experience and Operational Excellence in Emergency Departments’s ambient sensors and virtual care devices can revolutionize the way emergency departments operate by automating routine monitoring tasks and providing real-time analytics, allowing healthcare providers to focus on more complex patient interactions. The AI platform can streamline patient flow by sending alerts for room availability, reducing wait times through better resource allocation, and even facilitating remote consultations, all contributing to higher operational efficiency and enhanced patient experience.

Ambiently Aware Smart ED

Always On Always Aware Ambient Sensors
By adding Always-Aware Ambient Sensors across your emergency department, monitored spaces are transformed into Smart Spaces. Bedside clinicians, Smart Care Teams, and operations teams are better informed and coordinated by the same real-time ambient data, allowing for faster visits, increased throughput, and improved patient experience.
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Streamlined Patient FlowLeft Arrow

Ambient sensors can notify staff about room availability and patient readiness, helping to minimize bottlenecks and reduce patient wait times.

Automated Initial AssessmentLeft Arrow

Ambient sensors can provide AI-assisted triage quickly monitoring vital signs of incoming patients, helping prioritize care based on urgency.

Patient MonitoringLeft Arrow

Continuous monitoring of patients can provide early warning of deteriorating conditions.

Equipment TrackingLeft Arrow

Real-time tracking of crucial equipment like defibrillators, ventilators, or portable ultrasound machines ensures they’re readily available when needed.

Queue ManagementLeft Arrow

AI can predict patient flow and waiting times, allowing for adjustments in staffing or resource allocation.

Bed ManagementLeft Arrow

Sensors can identify when beds are free or occupied, optimizing patient flow.

Smart ED AI Command Center

AI-Assisted Virtual Care Is Built In
By uniting Ambient Intelligent Monitoring and Virtual Care devices within an integrated Smart Command Center, care managers can instantly see ED performance measures and process adherence.
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Centralized MonitoringLeft Arrow’s command center consolidates data from ambient sensors and virtual care devices, providing care managers with a unified dashboard to oversee all aspects of ED patient care and operations.

Predictive Resource AllocationLeft Arrow

The command center’s analytics capabilities can forecast busy periods or identify patterns in resource utilization, helping care managers to proactively allocate staff and equipment for maximum efficiency.

Telemedicine CoordinationLeft Arrow

The command center can facilitate and manage remote consultations, allowing care managers to seamlessly integrate telemedicine into the ED, extending the reach of healthcare specialists while optimizing staff time.

Customizable Workflows Left Arrow

Care managers can customize operational workflows within the command center, adapting the technology to meet their emergency department’s specific needs and challenges, thereby improving both patient care and operational efficiency.

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