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The Smart Care Facility Platform can Automatically Track Functional Abilities, Which are Essential Indicators of a Resident’s Overall Health and Well-Being. uses sensors placed around the facility or resident’s room to monitor movement, behavior, and vital signs. These sensors can track activities like getting out of bed, walking, toileting, and eating and predict potential problems before they escalate. Integrated AI-assisted Virtual Care enables new models of care including, Virtual Sitting, Virtual Nursing and Virtual Specialist Visits.

Always On. Always Aware. Ambient Sensors

Always On Always Aware Ambient Sensors
By adding Always-Aware Ambient Sensors across your SNF, monitored spaces are transformed into Smart Spaces. Bedside care providers, Smart Care Teams, and operations teams are better informed and coordinated by the same real-time ambient data, allowing for swifter responses.
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Functional Ability TrackingLeft Arrow

By monitoring functional abilities, can provide early warning signs of deteriorating health, enabling proactive intervention and preventing complications.

Real-Time AlertsLeft Arrow

If a significant change is observed in the resident’s routine or if there’s a lack of activity suggesting difficulty in performing functional abilities, the system can send real-time alerts to healthcare providers.

Fall PreventionLeft Arrow can alert staff of behaviors or activities that are likely to lead to a fall.

Infection Control & TrackingLeft Arrow

The platform monitors hygiene practices among staff and residents, thus helping in compliance with infection control protocols.

Voice RecognitionLeft Arrow

Voice recognition software detects vocal cues for distress or needs, which can be integral in understanding a resident’s ability to communicate as part of their functional abilities.

AI-Assisted Compliance, Automated Processes

AI-Assisted Virtual Care Is Built In
AI and Always-Aware Ambient Sensors can help monitor protocol adherence by tracking and analyzing operations and clinical activities, ensuring that they meet established standards, and automatically alerting staff or adjusting processes to maintain compliance with regulations.

Continous MonitoringLeft Arrow

Compliance often mandates regular checks and monitoring of patients. The platform can ensure that all residents are continuously monitored, meeting or exceeding standard requirements.

Functional Ability ComplianceLeft Arrow

Automated tracking of functional abilities can help in compliance with healthcare standards, as it provides an accurate and constant source of data.

Audit TrailLeft Arrow

The platform can keep a detailed record of patient data, staff responses, and alert outcomes, providing a digital trail that can be useful during inspections or audits.

Quality Measures Left Arrow

By consistently monitoring resident conditions, can help SNFs meet specific quality measures outlined by regulatory bodies like CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services).

AI-Assisted Virtual Care for SNFs

AI-Assisted Virtual Care Is Built In
When it comes to Virtual Care, Skilled Nursing Facilities needs a truly transformative solution that is built to scale. At, our platform and sensors enable new, more efficient, virtually supported connections to care teams, specialists and family members.

AI-Assisted Virtual SittingLeft Arrow

AI-assisted virtual sitting uses algorithms to identify risk behaviors or movements, offering preemptive alerts to staff and thereby reducing incidents like falls or wandering more effectively than traditional monitoring.

AI-Assisted Virtual CareLeft Arrow

Smart Care Teams benefit from shared access to AI-supported workflows, with timely reminders, alerts and checklists assigned to the appropriate personnel, optimizing outcomes and patient experience.

Virtual Specialist VisitsLeft Arrow

Virtual specialist visits facilitate immediate consultations with medical experts, enriching the quality of patient care by providing specialized input without the need for patient transportation.

Virtual Family Visits Left Arrow

Virtual family visits strengthen emotional well-being by allowing more convenient and frequent connections between residents and their families, irrespective of geographic limitations.

Automated AI-Assisted Language TranslationLeft Arrow

AI-powered language translation eliminates language barriers in real-time, enhancing communication between multilingual patients and caregivers, which in turn improves diagnostic accuracy and treatment efficacy.

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