Smart OR’s Smart Care Platform Transforms Operating Rooms into Smart Operating Rooms Supporting surgeons with AI-Assisted workflows and Ambient Intelligent Awareness.

Integrating AI and ambient sensors into operating rooms is not just about technology—it’s about enhancing human skills, ensuring patient safety, and extending the value of stored medical excellence.

Smart OR Always Aware Ambient Sensors

Always On Always Aware Ambient Sensors
By deploying Always-Aware ambient sensors with integrated virtual care into OR operations, facilities can enhance patient safety, improve surgical outcomes, increase efficiency, and boost overall team communication and collaboration.
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Patient Safety and MonitoringLeft Arrow

Movement Detection: Any unintended movements (e.g., patient stirring during surgery) can be instantly detected and alarmed.

Sterility and Hygiene MonitoringLeft Arrow

Breach Alerts: Sensors can detect if someone enters the sterile zone without proper procedure or if the sterile field gets compromised.

Inventory ManagementLeft Arrow

Ambient sensors can help track the usage and location of surgical instruments, ensuring they are accounted for during and after surgery.

Communication EnhancementLeft Arrow

Voice-activated Systems: Allow surgeons and staff to access patient information, change room settings, or communicate with other teams hands-free.

Workflow & EfficiencyLeft Arrow

Procedure Timeline: Track the progress of surgeries in real-time, aiding in OR scheduling and reducing turnaround times.

Training and EvaluationLeft Arrow

Video Review: Using AI to review surgeries for quality assurance, training, or to assess any complications.

Smart OR AI-Command Center

AI-Assisted Virtual Care Is Built In
The command center serves as a centralized hub for real-time monitoring and data analytics, offering a comprehensive view of Operating Room activities and efficiency metrics. Leveraging this data-driven approach, hospitals can unearth valuable insights to optimize surgical procedures, streamline workflows, and elevate overall patient care.
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Real-time Process MonitoringLeft Arrow

By providing a live feed of OR activities, the command center allows for immediate optimization of processes in progress. Improve Patient Transport Times and Accurate Surgical Start Times.

Data Analytics & VisualizationLeft Arrow

Transforming vast amounts of OR data into visual representations, makes it easier to identify patterns, bottlenecks, and areas of excellence.

Efficiency Metrics TrackingLeft Arrow

With continuous monitoring of key performance indicators, hospitals can identify best practices, reduce turnover times, and enhance surgical scheduling.

Predictive Analysis Left Arrow

Using historical data and AI algorithms, the command center can forecast potential issues, allowing the surgical team to be proactive in addressing challenges and ensuring smoother OR operations.

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