Patient and Protocol Monitoring

Stay continuously aware by monitoring your care environment for conditions that require intervention or processes that need improvement.

Patient and Protocol Monitoring
Staff shortages present challenges when trying to deliver the best care. The Platform works as an extra set of AI-powered eyes and ears, monitoring and learning in real-time so care teams can be more proactive and less reactive.
Early Warning Capabilities
  • Early Warning CapabilitiesAutomatically detects indicators of potential risks to bring help as promptly as possible, before an adverse event occurs.
  • Time For More Quality CareAmbient Intelligent Monitoring lifts the burden of routine tasks away from care teams, allowing them more time for personal interactions with patients.
  • Rapidly Scale Up CareBy enabling care providers to monitor many patients at one time, remote monitoring helps rapidly scale up care.
  • Enhance SafetyRemote monitoring capabilities are built into each room, enabling patients and providers to maintain social distancing while still providing care.

Smart Patient Room

Monitor and Manage Activity In Patient Rooms continuously monitors patient rooms for potential risks such as falls, elopement, or pressure injuries. AI tracks care team processes and rounding adherence, ensuring quality outcomes and patient piece of mind.

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Smart Patient Room
Monitor & Improve Processes and team performance in real-time

Smart Spaces

Monitor & Improve Processes and Team Performance in Real-Time

Measuring team performance retrospectively can present challenges. The Platform proactively measures team performance in real-time, identifying trends and providing feedback to help achieve 100% process adherence.

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Intelligent Sensors

Track and Trace Everyone Inside The Facility

By deploying multiple intelligent sensors throughout the facility, can track and trace everyone inside the facility. If an infectious disease exposure occurs, everyone who has been exposed can be quickly identified and notified.

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Track and Trace Everyon Inside The Facility
Patient Monitor Command Center

Patient Monitoring Command Center

Get a Unified View of All Activity In the Care Setting

With Edge Sensors deployed in patient rooms, you have a rolled-up view of potential trends and patterns across your entire facility in real-time.

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