AI-Assisted Workforce Optimization

Automate Burdensome, Manual Tasks while Optimizing Processes in Real-Time.

In a Smart Care Facility, healthcare leaders can achieve both efficiency and quality at the same time. The Platform automates manual tasks, and connects clinical and operations teams with real-time awareness of conditions.

Increase Throughput Reduce Case Delays

Increase Throughput Reduce Case Delays automates and virtualizes many administrative tasks optimally distributing work based on available resources so clinicians have more time to work at the top of their licenses.
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Streamline Clinical Burden Left Arrow

By automating and virtualizing burdensome administrative processes clinicians have more time to spend with patients.

Automate Resource AssignmentLeft Arrow

The Smart Care Facility Platform is always monitoring conditions and resource availability and suggesting prioritized Smart Care Team assignments.

Prioritize Patient ExperienceLeft Arrow

Combining virtual care and Always-Aware ambient sensors allow for faster responses from the extended Smart Care Team, both bedside and virtual, enhancing patient experience and quality scores.

AI-Assisted Information Capture & Decision SupportLeft Arrow

Generative AI, powerful sensors, and the largest behavioral data set for healthcare that clinicians spend less time capturing and retrieving information.

Enhance Team Dynamics Real-Time Staff Training

Enhance Team Dynamics Real-Time Staff Training’s Smart Care Facility Platform is constantly monitoring performance for vital workflows like patient rounding, pressure injury avoidance, and hand hygiene compliance.
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Customized Protocol Adherence Left Arrow

The Platform can be tailored to meet the evolving needs of your organization, with automated reminders and feedback designed to support and reinforce your protocol adherence objectives.

Proactively Improve Processes & Team PerformanceLeft Arrow

Measuring team performance retrospectively can present challenges. The Platform proactively measures team performance and process adherence in real-time to achieve the highest standards of process adherence.

Your Clinical Talent is Your Most Valuable Resource

Your Clinical Talent is Your Most Valuable Resource
We are pioneering a new generation of Smart Care Teams that are more informed, more efficient, more connected, and economically viable while improving the clinician and patient experience.
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Retain your Best Talent Improve Clinician ExperienceLeft Arrow allows clinicians to do what they do best and work at the top of their licenses by eliminating the cumbersome administrative duties that are causing many to leave the healthcare industry.

Reduce Agency Spend Build a Smart Care Team CultureLeft Arrow

Now, you can meet the challenges of workforce shortages by building your Smart Care Team culture and removing the inefficiencies that are causing burnout and excessive agency spend.

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