Smart Home Care Smart Care Facility Platform and Always-Aware Ambient Sensors Elevate Patient Care and Streamline Provider Operations for Home Care Services.’s ambient sensors and virtual care devices enhance clinical support for home care patients by enabling 24/7 monitoring and personalized care plans while streamlining operational efficiency for providers through automated reporting, resource allocation, and telehealth coordination.

Ambient Sensors Supporting Patients at Home

Always On Always Aware Ambient Sensors
By adding Always-Aware Ambient Sensors to your home-care patients homes care providers are better informed and coordinated by real-time ambient data, allowing for swifter interventions and responses when patients need specialized attention.
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24/7 Monitoring for SafetyLeft Arrow’s ambient sensors provide around-the-clock monitoring of patients’ movements and activities, alerting care managers to potential falls, emergencies, or unusual behaviors that may require immediate intervention.

Data-Driven Personalized CareLeft Arrow

The platform’s analytics capabilities enable care managers to develop highly personalized care plans, adapting in real-time to each patient’s unique needs and behaviors.

Remote Health AssessmentsLeft Arrow

Virtual care devices can monitor vital signs and other health indicators, giving care managers the data they need to make informed medical decisions without requiring an in-person visit.

Medication Adherence TrackingLeft Arrow

The system can send automated medication reminders to patients and alert care managers if medications are not taken as scheduled, helping to ensure compliance and improve treatment outcomes.

Efficient Resource UtilizationLeft Arrow

The command center allows care managers to coordinate various resources like nursing visits, equipment delivery, and telemedicine appointments, thereby optimizing both time and cost.

Family & Caregiver CollaborationLeft Arrow’s system enables care managers to easily share pertinent information and updates with family members and other caregivers, fostering a collaborative and comprehensive approach to home-based care.

Real-Time Healthcare at Home AI Command Center

AI-Assisted Virtual Care Is Built In
By uniting Ambient Intelligent Monitoring and Virtual Care devices within an integrated Smart Command Center, care managers can instantly see which home care patients need specialized attention while automatically optimizing telemedicine and in-person-visit resources for home care services.
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Real-Time Health MonitoringLeft Arrow

The AI command center allows for continuous monitoring of various health metrics, enabling care managers to spot anomalies and intervene quickly, thereby improving the overall quality of home patient care.

Home Care Population HealthLeft Arrow

The command center provides care managers with a unified view of the health status and needs of a large home healthcare population, facilitating more effective care coordination.

Alerts for Critical InterventionsLeft Arrow

Care managers receive instant notifications for urgent situations such as falls or medication non-adherence, enabling timely interventions that can significantly improve patient outcomes.

Resource Optimization Left Arrow

The command center helps prioritize resource assignment for home health patients based on ambient intelligence and AI-assisted decision support.

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