Smart Spaces Always-Aware Ambient sensors can be deployed in any space or care setting to provide real-time awareness of activities and conditions across your Smart Care Facility.

Empower your Smart Care Teams with 24/7 AI-Assisted Ambient Monitoring so that they know what is happening inside your care facility. With constant access to relevant information, healthcare teams can make quicker, more informed decisions, reducing response times and potential risks. By unifying technology with compassionate care, AI-Assisted Smart Spaces offer a profound improvement in patient safety and overall healthcare efficiency.

Supporting Clinicians Ambient Intelligent Smart Spaces

Supporting Clinicians Ambient Intelligent Smart Spaces
By adding Always-Aware Ambient Sensors across your healthcare facility, monitored spaces are transformed into Smart Spaces. Bedside clinicians, Smart Care Teams, and operations teams are better informed and coordinated by the same real-time ambient data, allowing for swifter responses.
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Monitor Patients and ProcessesLeft Arrow

Ambient intelligent sensors are tirelessly monitoring patients and vital processes within your care setting. Now, your clinicians have an AI partner that is vigilantly looking for potential problems before they arise.

Smart Care Team CoordinationLeft Arrow

Whether it’s scheduling processes or dispatching immediate medical assistance, the synchronization between AI and ambient sensing streamlines operations, minimizes human error and leads to a more responsive and cohesive healthcare environment.

Enhanced Safety with Predictive AnalyticsLeft Arrow

By identifying patterns and correlations, predictive models can alert healthcare providers to potential risks before they become critical, allowing for timely intervention and thus contributing to a safer and more proactive care environment.

Improve ProcessesLeft Arrow

AI and ambient sensing improve processes by automating and optimizing tasks, analyzing real-time data for efficiency, and enabling precise monitoring and control, reducing human error and enhancing overall operational workflow.

AI-Assisted Compliance, Automated Processes

AI-Assisted Compliance, Automated Processes
AI and Always-Aware Ambient Sensors can help monitor protocol adherence by tracking and analyzing operations and clinical activities, ensuring that they meet established standards, and automatically alerting staff or adjusting processes to maintain compliance with regulations.

Monitor and Improves Processes in Real-TimeLeft Arrow sensors monitor and improve processes in real time by continuously collecting and analyzing clinical and operational processes, allowing for instant adjustments and optimizations that enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

Automated Sanitation ComplianceLeft Arrow

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a new importance on the sanitization of care settings. The Smart Care Facility Platform provides real-time feedback and documentation, helping to maintain the highest standards of compliance.

Customized Protocol AdherenceLeft Arrow

Improving adherence through manual recurrent training, especially for novel or specialized processes, can be arduous and time-consuming. Even well-established procedures will drift with staff turnover and new hires. With the Smart Care Facility Platform, automated workflow training can be customized based on your organization’s needs with reminders and feedback designed to support and reinforce your protocol adherence objectives.

Streamline OperationsLeft Arrow helps automatically streamline operations in a Smart Care Facility by integrating and analyzing data from ambient sensors, operations systems, clinical systems and patient journey progress, enabling efficient resource allocation, timely response to patient needs, and optimized workflow, all contributing to enhanced care delivery and cost savings.

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