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Create Your Nurse-led Smart Care Teams with AI and Ambient Intelligence

Empower your virtual nurses and Smart Care Teams by leveraging the most advanced in-room ambient sensors, Smart Care Facility Platform and Smart from the Start AI-assisted workflows.

Smart Care Teams Never Stop Caring

Smart Care Teams Never Stop Caring
When it comes to Virtual Nursing, healthcare needs a truly transformative solution that is built to scale. At, our platform and sensors enable new, more efficient, virtually supported workflows.

Nursing Satisfaction & Retention

Nursing Satisfaction & Retention
We can create a better, smart healthcare environment to support our clinicians. improves clinical outcomes, higher patient satisfaction scores, greater staff retention and reduced operating costs.
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Reduce Agency Spend Build a Smart Care Team Culture Left Arrow

Now, you can meet the challenges of workforce shortages by building your Smart Care Team Culture and removing the inefficiencies that are causing burnout and excessive agency spend.

New Smart Care Team Virtual WorkflowsLeft Arrow

Smart Care Teams benefit from shared access to AI-supported workflows, with timely reminders, alerts and checklists assigned to the appropriate personnel, optimizing outcomes and patient experience.

Nurse the Patient, Not the ChartLeft Arrow

Virtual Nurses can support bedside nurses and expedite tasks, like admission, discharge, documentation, patient monitoring, education, precepting and compliance reporting.

AI Assistance & Natural Language ProcessingLeft Arrow

Nurses can activate AI assistance via voice command and initiate multi-stream video for family calls, care team consultations, language translation, transcription for calls and clinician direction.

Improved Clinician & Patient ExperienceLeft Arrow

AI-Assisted Virtual Care enables more consistent and timely high-touch patient interactions, creating better relationships between caregivers and patients and improved quality scores.

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Learn how’s transformative innovations can help your organization autonomously optimize the patient experience, while creating a safer and more efficient care environment.

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