The World’s Most Advanced Virtual Nursing Platform

Virtual Nursing
Enable Virtual Nursing by leveraging the most advanced in-room sensors, AI, and automated documentation capture to power virtual admission, virtual rounding and virtual discharge workflows.
Predict, Prevent and Protect

A Comprehensive View into the Care Environment™ Virtual Nursing is assisted by real-time, AI-powered autonomous inferencing. The™ Platform can automatically detect potential problems such as fall risks, providing an additional level of patient safety support.

Virtual Nursing features can be tailored to the specific needs and focus of your care team and organization.

A Second Nurse in the Care Suite™ Virtual Nursing delivers a new and enhanced layer of support to care teams. Virtual Nurses can manage a wide variety of patient care tasks, from routine monitoring and documentation to education, precepting and compliance reporting. On-site nurses are then able to focus more time and attention on the crucial hands-on care that only they can provide. The results include improved clinical outcomes, higher patient satisfaction scores, greater staff retention and reduced operating costs.

Monitor and Manage Activity In Patient Rooms
Virtual Nursing

The World’s Most Advanced Virtual Nursing Platform

  • Small device footprint utilizing in-room TV
  • On-demand two-way audio/video conferencing
  • Activation via menu or voice
  • Multi-stream video for family calls, care team consultation, language translation
  • Automatic TV activation & switching
  • Automatic call transcription


The Virtual Nursing solution includes powerful reporting and analytics tools that provide granular-level data on session parameters, protocol adherence and care team efficacy.

Use the IDA Command Center Performance module to view Virtual Nursing session data over any time range, from a per-Sensor level to across your entire organization. Know the number of sessions held, session duration, which rooms, which nurses, tasks completed and more.

Reporting data can be integrated with EMR and other applicable systems, and used for regulatory compliance, reimbursement support, and admin planning.

 Real-Time Notifications If Problems Arise