Smart Assisted Living Always-Aware Ambient Sensors with Integrated Virtual Care Provide Enhanced Health and Safety Monitoring and Immediate Access to Medical Consultations.

By integrating’s ambient sensors and virtual care devices, Assisted Living Facilities can significantly enhance both the efficiency of care providers and the safety and well-being of residents. This, in turn, creates a more sustainable and effective healthcare environment.

Supporting Residents Ambient Intelligent Sensors

Always On Always Aware Ambient Sensors
By adding Always-Aware Ambient Sensors across your Assisted Living facility, monitored spaces are transformed into Smart Spaces. Care providers are better informed and coordinated by real-time ambient data, allowing for swifter interventions and responses when residents need specialized attention.
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AI Enhanced SafetyLeft Arrow

Ambient sensors can detect sudden movements, falls, or unusual activities, allowing for immediate intervention to prevent or mitigate harm.

Quality of Life MonitoringLeft Arrow

Continuous monitoring of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and vital signs allows for a personalized care approach, leading to better well-being and overall quality of life.

Enhanced PrivacyLeft Arrow sensors can be less invasive than other monitoring methods, allowing residents to maintain a sense of independence and privacy.

Immediate Medical AccessLeft Arrow

Virtual care devices can facilitate telemedicine consultations, making it easier to connect with healthcare providers for immediate medical advice.

Family Member CommunicationLeft Arrow

The platform enables family members to get alerts or updates on their loved one’s condition, fostering better communication and peace of mind.

Real-Time Resident Awareness AI Command Center

AI-Assisted Virtual Care Is Built In
By uniting Ambient Intelligent Monitoring and Virtual Care devices within an integrated Smart Command Center, care managers can instantly see which residents need specialized attention while automatically monitoring the well being of all residents.
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AI-Assisted EfficiencyLeft Arrow

The automated nature of ambient monitoring allows staff to allocate their time more effectively, focusing on residents who need immediate or specialized attention.

Predictive AnalyticsLeft Arrow

AI-driven analytics can forecast health trends or potential risks based on collected data, allowing for preventive measures.

DocumentationLeft Arrow

Automatic logging of resident activities and conditions can streamline the documentation process, making maintaining accurate records for compliance and care planning easier.

Resource Optimization Left Arrow

Virtual care capabilities may reduce the need for offsite specialists visits, thereby saving time and resources.

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