AI-Assisted Command Center

Get a Real-Time View of Your Facility and Autonomously Optimize Care Processes.

The Smart Facility Command Center collects data and uses AI learning to offer actionable insights in real-time, improving patient safety, informing clinical and operational decision support and improving compliance rates.

Supporting Care Managers in Real-Time System-Wide View

Supporting Care Managers Real-Time System-Wide View
By uniting Ambient Intelligent Monitoring and Virtual Care devices within a unified Smart Command Center, care managers can instantly see processes and progress for each patient journey.

AI-Assisted Unified View Left Arrow

The AI Command Center provides a unified view of in-progress processes and patients in need of attention allowing care managers to coordinate virtual or bedside Smart Care Team members.

Autonomous Quality ImprovementLeft Arrow

AI-Assisted Command Center views monitor clinical and operational processes, improving workflows in real-time for improved patient experience and quality scores.

AI-Assisted Decision SupportLeft Arrow

Continuous ambient monitoring and data connections allow the AI to infer, suggest, and support real-time decision-making for care managers, and mobilize clinical and operations personnel when indicated.

AI-Assisted Compliance, Automated Processes

AI-Assisted Compliance, Automated Processes
The AI Command Center can help monitor protocol adherence by tracking and analyzing operations and clinical activities, and generate one-click reports to meet with compliance.

Patient & Protocol Monitoring Left Arrow

The Smart Command Center is constantly monitoring patients and vital processes within your Smart Care Settings. Now, your care managers have an AI partner that is vigilantly looking for potential problems before they arise.

Facility Monitoring Command CenterLeft Arrow

Safeguard your care environment while autonomously maintaining adherence to established IPC protocols and integrating with existing systems to create a real-time census of patients, providers, families, staff and vendors in your facilities.

Home Monitoring Command CenterLeft Arrow

AI-Assisted Command Center real-time reporting of home care patients’ activity and compliance levels, virtual and home-care provider visits, and trending risk factors that could lead to poor outcomes.

IPC Monitoring Command CenterLeft Arrow

The Command Center unifies entry and exit data for real-time visibility of everyone in the Smart Care Facility and automated IPC attestation and thermal screening results.

Automate Compliance ReportingLeft Arrow

A complete view of your entire facility from the Command Center saves time in collecting and organizing data, with automated compliance reporting for core processes.

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