Autonomous Infection Prevention + Control

The real-time solution for symptom screening,
vaccine attestation and IPC safe zones inside
your organization.

The real-time solution for symptom screening, vaccine attestation and IPC safe zones inside your organization.

+ Prepared
+ Prepared
What if you could use the power of AI to create an
entirely new approach to Infection
Prevention and Control?
What if you could use the power of AI to create an entirely new approach to Infection Prevention and Control?
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The Future of Infection Prevention and Control

The Autonomous Infection Prevention and Control Command Center


The COVID-19 pandemic has created an awareness of vulnerabilities in the infectious disease prevention protocols within hospitals, clinics and post acute care settings.

Post pandemic everyone recognizes new, improved processes and automated solutions are required to allow for safer arrival of employees and patients, screening for those who may have symptoms of infectious disease.

At we are establishing the definitive autonomous framework that can be quickly customized to fulfill evolving compliance and regulatory mandates for Infection Prevention and Control, while at the same time automating much of the current and anticipated steps that will be required to create safer care environments.

Aware + Prepared

Ambient Intelligent Monitoring is the best way to effectively and efficiently meet the invisible threat of infectious disease so that in the future we are better prepared for the unexpected.

Providers such as pediatric clinics have traditionally relied on separate waiting rooms to distance potentially sick patients from the healthy population. But these manual methods are less effective in large hospitals and post-acute facilities.

The IDA Platform is a scalable solution that combines pre-visit surveys, contact-free entry screening and facility-wide monitoring, to establish safer arrival and IPC Safe Zones within healthcare organizations.


What is required?

Automated rings of security and intelligence

Pre-visit Attestation

ipc sa-app


Users self-attest on their mobile devices before arriving at the care setting

Entry Screening

ams t2


All users present QR codes to AI-powered entry devices to screen for temperature

Track and Trace

ams t3


AI-powered sensors people-count and monitor everyone for temperature throughout the facility

Self-Aware Room

ams m2


AI-powered Self-Aware Room® sensors track and trace patients, employees and guests in every room


Safe Zone

Self-Aware Room



AIPC Command Center provides an organizational view of everyone's IPC status inside the care environment

Fully deployed AIPC from

The COVID Learning for IPC Processes

The dynamic and evolving nature of Infection Prevention and Control impacts every dimension of the care environment, including safety, operations and cost controls. COVID-19 exposed long standing weaknesses in our vital healthcare infrastructure that simply could not be met with existing human resource. Utilizing highly trained care providers to perform ad-hoc screening and manual reporting tasks added further strain to our already strained organizations.

The Future of IPC is Autonomous

The future of IPC must be autonomous, reliable, frictionless and scalable. At we work tirelessly to rapidly innovate and iterate Autonomous IPC solutions for the nations leading health care organizations. The resulting solution is highly customizable and adaptable to evolving compliance and regulatory mandates. Welcome to the future of AIPC with the IPC Command Center.

100% Compliance

The Autonomous Advantage

With a fully deployed IDA Platform and AIPC solution, your organization can achieve a low friction solution that delivers confidence and safety through autonomous monitoring.


Autonomous Screening

Automatically creates rings of safety and intelligence for your care team


Reduced Costs

Mitigates the need to use costly human resources for tasks better suited to autonomous solutions


Increased Confidence

Helps restore confidence so patients are more comfortable coming in for care


100% Compliance & Easy Reporting

Makes it possible to achieve near 100% compliance and easier reporting in a single click