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AI Enhanced improvement

What if you had an AI partner that constantly monitored processes inside your facility and helped improve them in real time?
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Autonomous Process Monitoring

Instead of measuring team performance retrospectively, and learning too late how much your processes have drifted — IDA proactively measures team performance in real time, identifying trends and providing feedback to help achieve 100% process adherence.

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With the IDA Platform, care team leaders have access to critical behavioral & process adherence data that is otherwise impossible to collect. Care teams receive proactive reminders and real-time feedback, helping them maintain optimal process adherence so they can improve outcomes and provide a better patient experience.

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Improve rounding efficacy with automated process improvement alerts

Process improvement for rounding is typically done manually, and is difficult if not impossible to scale. The IDA Platform continually monitors rounding activity, providing real-time feedback and documenting adherence levels. This provides ongoing improvement for rounding personnel, and easy, one-click reporting for surveyors.


Hand Hygiene

Improve hand sanitization compliance with automated monitoring

Adherence to hand hygiene protocols is critical for mitigating the spread of infectious disease. The IDA Platform monitors both patient suites and common areas for hand hygiene adherence. Care team members receive real-time feedback, and non-adherent behavior is documented. The result is improved hygiene adherence across even the largest organizations.


PPE Efficacy

Improve PPE protocol adherence with automated processs improvement alerts

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to new awareness and emphasis on the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The IDA Platform continually monitors care teams to ensure PPE is being properly used — and replaced after each patient interaction. IDA documents non-adherence and provides real-time feedback, to support ongoing improvements and assist in the control of disease spread.



Ensure and document that your facility is being sanitized properly and on schedule

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a new importance on the sanitization of patient suites and clinical spaces. Was the room cleaned properly and thoroughly? Were the correct tools and processes used? Was the room cleaned on time, and on a regular basis? The IDA Platform provides real-time feedback and documentation, helping to maintain the highest standards of compliance.


Customized Protocol

The IDA Platform can be trained to improve your most critical protocols

Adherence can be difficult to improve through manual methods, particularly when establishing a new or specialized process. The IDA Platform can be tailored to meet the adherence needs of your organization, with reminders and feedback designed to support and reinforce your protocol adherence objectives.