Virtual Care
AI-powered solutions that transform ordinary rooms into Self-Aware Rooms™.
What if AI could autonomously monitor patients and summon virtual specialist visits when care is needed?
learn how we enable your AI-powered healthcare export Edge Sensors act as a virtual sitter for patients, and can also automatically set up Virtual Visits with specialist providers when IDA detects conditions that require attention.

Virtual Care Powered By

IDA and Edge Sensors





The IDA Platform unobtrusively monitors patient behaviors and conditions in the patient suite that can lead to poor outcomes or safety risks. With the largest machine learning behavioral dataset for healthcare, IDA can protect patients and predict problems before they escalate to drive immediate action.




Virtual Visits

The H1 Hub adds Virtual Visit capability to the Self-Aware Room®. When the IDA Platform detects help is needed, a care team member can be summoned to consult with the patient virtually. Care teams also receive alert notifications on their device so that they can check on the patient in-person.




Remote Sitting

The M2 sensor is the cornerstone of the Self-Aware Room®, tirelessly monitoring patient behaviors and conditions inside the patient suite. Powered by the world’s largest behavioral dataset for healthcare, the M2 performs real-time inferencing and generates alerts automatically when intervention is required.

Virtual Care
The IDA platform is built on a powerful Ambient Intelligent Monitoring framework for providing virtual care within the care setting. The AIM-H1 is a bedside hub that can instantly connect a patient to a specialist, primary doctor, or nurse, even if the provider isn’t in the building. This kind of on-demand virtual care allows care teams to do more, be more present and provide a better patient experience.
Bedside Monitoring

The AIM-H1 hub is an AI-powered bedside monitoring device that continuously monitors patient conditions and can integrate with FDA approved clinical devices. The H1 provides a unified gateway for health data and virtual visits so that providers can care for more patients, even when not physically in the care setting.

The H1 can also be deployed at home or in post-acute settings so that patients have a seamless transition of care experience from the hospital bed to their home, skilled nursing, or assisted living facility. Patients now have an easy-to-use dedicated device that provides a consistent and reliable gateway to their care team.

Virtual Rounding

In the post-pandemic new-normal, virtual rounding is a recognized necessity for limiting exposure to at-risk populations.

With the H1 Bedside Monitoring hub in every room, specialists, primary care teams, and nursing staff can virtually round more efficiently and be less disruptive to the patient's privacy and rest.

Combined with the M2 Self-Aware Room sensor, care teams now know about potential problems like incontinence events without physically entering the room, turning on the lights, or checking the bed position.

Remote Sitting

For patients at risk of falls, elopement, or other conditions that would ordinarily require a human sitter, the AMS-M2 Self-Aware Room sensors and AIM-H1 Hub provide a completely automated solution for remote sitting and remote patient monitoring.

Leverage the largest behavioral database in healthcare, IDA sensors unobtrusively monitor patient behaviors and conditions to predict problems before they can escalate.

Once an inference suggests attention is required, the care team will receive inference alerts so they can take the appropriate action.

IDA Mobile

Get real-time intelligence about risk factors in each patient’s room.

IDA Mobile runs on your care teams’ own smart devices. They now receive immediate notifications if potential problems arise.


Fall Prevention Alerts

The patient in Rm-201 is attempting to get out of bed and is at risk of a fall.


Pressure Ulcer Alerts

The patient in Rm-304 has not been repositioned and is at risk of developing pressure ulcers.


Housekeeping Sanitization Alerts

Housekeeping has not properly sanitized Rm-503.


Visitor Hand Hygiene Alerts

The visitor in Rm-207 did not visit the hand hygiene station in the hall or the room.


Rounding Adherence Alerts

Rounding on the 4th floor has not begun when scheduled. This is the 3rd deviation in 7 days.

These RTI alerts help improve both processes and patient outcomes in real-time, enabling easy documentation for episodes of care.